New word definition: Blogglenecked —

July 15, 2003 in Uncategorized

New word definition:
Blogglenecked — To reduce postings to a blog due to some sort of blockage. Often due to a really good post that has yet to be written.
I’ve been waiting for weeks to write this really good post about my trip to San Fran, and either not being in the mood, or starting it and having it not come out right, or having it just take too long, I just haven’t done anything. And that’s dumb. I’ll get to SanFran when I get to it.
In totally unrelated news I won my case in front of the City of Austin last night, and I Tivoed myself on Local Access TV. Pretty funny.
That’s all. Time to head to the airport and see how good Continental pilots are at dodging hurricanes. domain technical info But I’m back in blogland though. I swear. I gotta do it for da kids.

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