Man, I felt like crap

September 7, 2003 in Uncategorized

Man, I felt like crap Friday morning. Shots are surprisingly big at Opal Divine’s when they know it’s your birthday. And why be the birthday boy, when you can be Dr. Birthday?

Some news from the travel desk:

  • I just got bonus miles on Continental for a hotel stay I made. In August 2001. No wonder all those jokers are going out of business.
  • Next time you need to make a one-way trip, try out the hidden-city trick. Flying back from the road trip with Julie, I couldn’t find a one-way flight from Boston to Austin for less than $300, and every flight made at least one stop. So I bought a ticket from Boston to New Orleans on Delta for $118. The secret to the special sauce is that the flight connected in Dallas. So for $118 (plus $25 bucks for a quick Greyhound bus from Dallas to Austin), I got a non-stop flight out of Boston and a cheap trip back home.
  • For all you Austinites (or folks planning to visit), there is a big fare sale currently for flights into and out of Killeen Municipal Airport (ILE). For the next couple months you can take a weekend trip (leaving Thurs.-Sat., returning Sun.-Tues.) from Killeen to anywhere in the country, or vice-versa, for $213. Book soon, cause you never know when these will end.

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