December 23, 2003 in Uncategorized

Okay people, listen up:
Terse Version
You need to go to www.1and1.com and sign up. Don’t give me any lip, just do it. It’s free.

Blog-Owner Version
Tired of not being able to put pictures on your blog? Go to www.1and1.com, signup for a totally free account, and you can add pictures to your hearts content. Or wanna be cool like me (Bre said I am, so shut it!) and have yourname.com? It’ll only cost ya $5.99 a year. Do it. And be cool like me. (Bre said so!)

Geek Version
You need to go to www.1and1.com and sign up. They’re giving away free online hosting for three years and you get 500MB of web space. Hosting aside, you can’t beat 500MB of free online storage for three years. Domain registration is just $5.99 a year, and you can even create 50 subdomains like supasexy.markphillip.com. GO sign up.

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