Blog State of the Union

February 13, 2004 in Uncategorized

Bloggity bloggity bloggity.

If I had to give a Blog State of the Union, it wouldn’t be very upbeat. Probably laced with “madman”s, “imminent threat”s, and “noo-cue-lur”s. All big-kid like—just like W. My friends whose blogs I read everyday (my blogsters, if you will… heh.) and I were stranded, like a bad Gilligan’s Island knock-off, surrounded by the perils of all that is evil in the blogging world.

Lurking under the water like hungry sharks begging us to just stick a toe in were gross misinterpretations, irate exes finding out true feelings, the word “pimp” being brought to a new level, leaks to current boyfriends that blogs are in existence, and possibly the most terrifying, the one thing that universally strikes fear into us all: a mom finding the blog.

But when all hope seemed lost, a glimmer of hope. My note in a bottle that simply said, “your blog does me right…”, bobbed and bounced across the vast sea that is Google and washed up on the shore of its destination. And it was good.

2 Comments to Blog State of the Union

  1. Well be glad you’re not a space cadet like me and used your actual name as the address of your blog. I have absolutely no clue how mom hasn’t found it yet.

  2. Mark on 13 February 2004
  3. I’ve had the mom fear for awhile, but she’s so technologically inept and lives in caveman fear of the computer. I’ve also had the ex-backlash. That was pretty ugly. But all in all, blog is good, blog is great, Amen. :)

  4. jen on 13 February 2004

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