April 16, 2004 in Uncategorized

i’m not going to work today. hard to code wwhen you can’t use one of your hands. if anybody wants to play hookie today gimme a call. but no batting cages…

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  1. hurt from punching holes in the wall when trump chose the white guy over kwame?
    i threw stuff around instead.
    stupid ‘the donald’.

  2. eric on 16 April 2004
  3. Erection? No. Balls? Yes.
    Playing softball last night I took a nasty line drive. I was on 3rd and I got my hands up fast enough to keep the ball from clocking me in the head, but my hands paid the price. Definitely think it’s my first post-puberty pain-induced bawling. Got home, popped three tylenols, drank heavily, and passed out.

  4. Mark on 16 April 2004
  5. Oh yeah, and “The Donald” is an idiot.

  6. Mark on 16 April 2004
  7. I hope this mystery hand injury (to those of us out of state) has nothing to do with pop-ups and that 36 hour erection you mentioned several posts back…

  8. jen on 16 April 2004
  9. at least you can cross that off your list.

  10. dawn on 16 April 2004

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