If Mary Was Pro-Choice…

May 28, 2004 in Uncategorized

“If Mary was Pro-Choice, there wouldn’t be a Christmas!”

You gotta love bumper stickers. In related news, a day after announcing the idea, and seven months before it actually goes on the air, groups are already in an uproar over MTV’s new LOGO channel, targeted at the gay and lesbian audicence.

Viacom announces launch of gay cable channel

TVC Announces Boycott Of Homosexual TV Channel Advertisers

3 Comments to If Mary Was Pro-Choice…

  1. OMG. TVC is like, the scariest thing ever. Why are they insane?

  2. Bre on 28 May 2004
  3. Because they can be…. My favorite quote?
    “Homosexuality is defined by sex, and this channel is bound to take us into new, dirty unchartered waters.”

  4. Mark on 28 May 2004
  5. as an environmental engineer, i often have to deal with dirty and uncharted waters. but they are probably a bit different than the waters that they are talking about.
    and that quote made me realize the large number of lewd puns related to my job. this past week, i supervised a team of 3 guys who were inspecting manholes. get it? Man…Holes…? anyone?

  6. eric on 28 May 2004

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