Blog of the Week – Chairman Lau

August 17, 2004 in Of The Week

He’s back people. He had to lay low for a bit, but he’s back from his tour of duty. So with no further ado, let me welcome back, 2-time winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, 3-time Pimp of the Year award, the inventor of Velcro, the first native Hawaiian ever to pilot an airplane, and the all-time NBA leader in 3pt shooting percentage, he’s your friend and mine: The Chairman.

3 Comments to Blog of the Week – Chairman Lau

  1. another blog to read…excellent.

  2. reagan on 17 August 2004
  3. sending more people to my blog? as if writing for my 2 current readers wasn’t pressure enough.

  4. chairman on 17 August 2004
  5. r: it’s required reading–he’s the master of phase 3.
    c: you designed velcro. you can handle a whopping 2 more people reading your blog.

  6. Mark on 17 August 2004

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