it’s the ghit.

August 31, 2004 in Uncategorized

anybody need a gmail invite? i have a bunch just collecting dust…

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  1. What is gmail?

  2. reagan on 31 August 2004
  3. it’s the champagne (or dare i say the miller high life) of email my dear–just sent you an invite…

  4. Mark on 31 August 2004
  5. Hey, send me one… I’m super-tired of my weird Yahoo one. Might be time for a change!

  6. beth on 31 August 2004
  7. on it’s way chops

  8. Mark on 31 August 2004
  9. me too please!

  10. em on 1 September 2004
  11. on it’s way chica

  12. Mark on 1 September 2004
  13. i want one!

  14. em on 1 September 2004
  15. it’s on it’s way! calm down!!!

  16. Mark on 1 September 2004
  17. Thanks for the invite. I tried to install but need Explorer 6, and my comp is refusing to load Windows updates. Weird. When I get some geek help I am sure I will g-mail though!

  18. beth on 1 September 2004

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