All Good Things…

September 8, 2004 in Uncategorized

The annexing of Bre’s blog in the name of the mpbw was quite fun, but all good things must come to an end. We’ve maxed out the number of comments her blog will accept. Consider the keg tapped.

Home stretch kids—time to suck it up.

Tonight: Shaolin Soccer at my place
Tomorrow: Dinner Party at my place
Friday: Closing Ceremonies w/ Happy Hour at Saba
Saturday: Begin Coma

3 Comments to All Good Things…

  1. Best… movie… ever.

  2. Shad Reynolds on 8 September 2004
  3. It was _so_ good! Must see people. Must see. Now if I can just get the blooper outtakes translated from Cantonese…

  4. Mark on 9 September 2004
  5. Well, I’m totally sad I’ve missed most of MP’s b-day week, but I will not be absent for the next two days. Mix it up!
    (And by the way, somebody left their underwear over at my blog. I’ll put it in the mailbox so you can come pick it up and retain what’s left of your dignity.)

  6. Bre on 9 September 2004

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