Going Through The Motions

September 23, 2004 in Uncategorized

Well I’m definitely not mailing it in. I’ll be unemployed in less than 36 hours, and nobody can say I didn’t put in a solid showing my last week.

I think I might have started to annoy Bre last night yapping about leaving Trilogy and heading to Hawaii, because I was definitely starting to annoy myself. It’s hard to get it off the mind because I can say with great certainty, that in 20 years I’ll be looking back at this time as the major inflection point in my life. Pretty wild.

3 Comments to Going Through The Motions

  1. I was not annoyed. I was jealous.
    Remember – I have marketing experience!

  2. Bre on 23 September 2004
  3. Duly noted. I’ll hire you as soon as I get big…

  4. Mark on 23 September 2004
  5. Hawaii? Really?
    why does this never happen to me?

  6. jen on 27 September 2004

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