September 9, 2004 in Uncategorized

Why do we lie about taking naps? How many times have you been called (or called someone) and someone obviously wakes you up, but you protest when they apologize for waking you. “No, no, I was … ur … I was just relaxing…” Turning down the radio when you’re lost, sitting down when you get bad news, buying five computers if you find a good deal (is that just me?).

I’m walking to my car and punch up voicemail to find out whose call I missed. I had a little bounce in my step, and I was in a hurry, but I slowed as soon as I heard his voice. Like trudging through deepening mud there was suddenly growing resistence to my moving limbs, and I found myself stopped. My body was completely still, save my right index finger rapid-fire clicking the plus button like some old Nintendo game, to make sure I could hear everything my Dad had to say.

Leave me your phone number!

I yelled as if he could hear me. Thankfully he could, and he left his number at the end of the message. I haven’t returned one of his calls in years. I know I should continue with the “Garden State”-induced relationship spring cleaning of the last couple weeks, but ttime since I talked to him >> tsince my mom passed.

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