The Only President I’d Be Sad About Losing

September 3, 2004 in Uncategorized

5 Comments to The Only President I’d Be Sad About Losing

  1. dude, you gotta take the picture of the plant from the same place/angle/distance every time (not to mention contrast and zoom).
    you’re totally fired from being my personal cameraman.

  2. eric on 3 September 2004
  3. uh…i meant “happy birthday!”

  4. eric on 3 September 2004
  5. no wait. i meant, “oh no! let’s all pray for bill clinton.”

  6. eric on 3 September 2004
  7. as you all take over bre’s blog, i’m taking over this. i’m more of a loner anyway. all the noisy people over there in the free house, i have the whole blog to myself. i can sit and watch the plant grow and talk to myself.

  8. eric on 4 September 2004
  9. I would like like see about getting Jimmy Carter on that list. He rocks hardcore, ol’ school style.

  10. Shad Reynolds on 6 September 2004

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