GMT -10 On Your Ass

February 18, 2005 in Uncategorized

Being in the middle of the ocean is pretty cool. Forgetting sometimes, I have to conciously remind myself that I can travel thousands on miles before reaching a sizeable land mass. Even though my latitude and longitude puts me in the middle of nowhere, being GMT-10 puts me in the middle of everything. Having my night time minutes mean absolutely nothing because everyone I know in Austin is asleep by the time 9p rolls around out here? Not so good. But…as I’m waking up, Austinites are on their lunch break. My hour of must-see-TV, Around The Horn and PTI come on around noon. Ali is 6 hours behind (well, technically 18 hours ahead) saving the world in Balikpapan. And as I’m going to bed, Anne is getting in to work in London 10 hours ahead, and 7200 miles away. I’m not sure why, but I find it really cool thinking that everyone I know in Austin is still in a super deep sleep. And that after I go to bed, they’ll wake up and start their day and do…stuff.

Not everyone is in the same time zone. Duh. I didn’t need to come to Hawaii to figure that out. But there’s something about regularly talking to someone that is in a different day than you, or calling someone thousands of miles away as a local call due to the unappreciated awesomeness of cell phones, that is really cool.

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  1. Sing it brother. I’m in the exact opposite situation though. I’m 7 hours ahead of Austin, so they’re all just getting to work as I’m heading home for the night.

  2. Shad Reynolds on 24 February 2005

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