Pancakes? Don’t Mind If I Do.

February 20, 2005 in Uncategorized

Those of you who know well know I’m not much of a curser.


This has been quite the awesome week. Last Saturday, a free ticket to the Pro Bowl landed in my lap. I was dying to go, and magically (after a surprisingly fun night clubbing at the W Honolulu) found my self with a free $90 ticket, complete with Hawaiian taligate stocked with sushi and Malasadas. Half-time show? Don Ho and Jasmine Trias, the Hawaiian chick from American Idol. Absolutely hilarious.

Awesome enough. But then, my total dumb luck, I found out that my aboslute favorite artist, the one person whom I wouldn’t care how much the ticket was coming to Hawaii: Mos Def. I pretty much peed in my pants when I saw he was coming, and tonight he didn’t disappoint. After a fun afternoon checking out my first ever college baketball game, PT, the Chairman, and I headed to Pipeline. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Trying to describe it just wouldn’t do it justice.
Once Mos finished his ~90 minute set, and it quieted down a little bit, Lau whipped out his phone to show me a picture. To my surprise it’s Merry. No, not Happy Merry. Hobbit Merry, aka Dominic Monaghan, waiting to go to the bathroom. I sent a text message to the biggest hobbit fan I know (even though it’s 5a in Austin), and felt pretty good.

I decided to do a walkabout, and after a little bit, found my way upstairs into the VIP room. Walked around for a bit like I belonged there, and walked to the railing, to look down on the stage. A few random people had been annoyingly freestyling, but the woman on the mic looked familiar. It was my dream girl. Pancake girl. Camile. I almost freakin’ peed in my pants again. For some reason she was wearing horrible red high heels and something that I think was the thing that waitress hold checks in. You know what I mean? The fanny pack looking thing? Extremely strange. Maybe she wanted to make sure everyone knew she was pancake girl? I still can’t figure that one out. Then I go to sit down and who do I see? Merry the hobbit, the hot chick from Lost, and the black guy from Lost that’s the black guy from Romeo and Juliet. Merry? Short. Hot chick? Not as hot as you would think. Black guy? Black. Still.

[i’m sleepy. i’ll finish tomorrow]

2 Comments to Pancakes? Don’t Mind If I Do.

  1. The shorts? Niiiiiice!

  2. Bre on 22 February 2005
  3. One of my growing assortment of boardshorts. I’m so local…

  4. Mark on 22 February 2005

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