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Aaaah, a beautiful, gray Monday morning. It’s now day six of being back in the blue dot in a red state called Austin, Texas. It’s great to be back, but I must admit I’m dealing with a little bit of PPS. File it in the Mark Phillip glossary near CWO ’cause I’ve found it to be a symptom of PPS, and close to its scary cousin PPD: post-pardum depression. That’s right folks. I have a nasty case of Post-Paradise Stress.

I am quickly learning about the annoying trifecta that is looking for a place to stay, looking for a job, and shopping for a car.

How do I get a place without a job?
How do I get to the job without a car?
How do I get a car without a mailing address?
How do I get a job without a mailing address?
How do I search for a place without a car?
How do I get a car without a job?

It is circular and quite maddening. Much like rock/paper/scissors, except (as anyone intelligent knows), nothing beats rock.

Anyhoo, as I deal with solving the conundrum of the car/job/home trifecta, and as to ensure this blog won’t go the way of my bank account the past few months (it’s funny cause it’s true…), I’m instituting a new gimmick: Guest Blogger.

If you’re clever, you already know who it is.

5 Comments to PPS

  1. Is it me?
    Gosh, Mark. All you had to do was ask.

  2. Bre on 22 March 2005
  3. um….urrr….ok.

  4. Mark on 22 March 2005
  5. :0 good luck on figuring out the trifecta.
    it’s a tough one, but I have faith!!

  6. jen on 23 March 2005
  7. hey, that’s the same problem I had a couple of months ago. Except I also had no PHONE.
    I had a breakdown, actually. but it was also due to hormones, so consider yourself lucky.
    I have faith, Mark…. you gots more skills than I do, and I found a job.

  8. beth on 23 March 2005
  9. yes beth, but mark isn’t white. sorry mark, it’s true. i feel your pain man. i FEEL. YOUR. PAIN.

  10. rlo on 23 March 2005

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