I Say Screw You Jobu. I Do It Myself.

April 21, 2005 in Uncategorized

Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous. I’ve been back in Austin for about five weeks. For the first four, I sent scores of resumes and cover letters out. Every email seemed to get lost in cyberspace as week after week went by without a single response. When I finally got a response from the company that I thought I was a lock for? “Not a good fit.”

When I visited the Big Island of Hawaii before I left, I took a little…ur…souvenir. Little did I know that that wasn’t a good idea. Everyone told me I needed to return it, and that I angred Pele, and although I started to believe it, I relented. Well…because I’m stubborn.

Last Friday when I left for downtown, I have zero jobs, zero companies, zero leads, and I was whining about it to everyone I know. Now, in less than a week, there are seven interested companies, two phone interview’s today, and two on-site interviews tomorrow. And the real kicker? You know all those stupid, crazy websites I like to do? I just got an email from a national beer distributor that might sponsor one. Um…yeah.

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  1. That’s great news! Good luck!

  2. tiffany on 21 April 2005
  3. Kick Ass!

  4. Shad on 22 April 2005
  5. listen here, suckkafoo. you STOLE PELE’S NIPPLE PIERCINGS. she wants them back. GIVE THEM BACK.
    how did the interviews go?:

  6. rlo on 26 April 2005
  7. Does this mean you’re going to return the, erm, nipple piercings? Because you should, you know.
    You really should. The Goddess…she knows. SHE KNOWS.

  8. Bre on 26 April 2005
  9. Interviews went pretty well. I have one more to go to today.
    And just fyi: pele’s nipple piercings look great on my ikea bookshelf.

  10. Mark on 26 April 2005
  11. you’re not supposed to take ROCKS?
    just when i thought i couldn’t hate people from hawaii more than i already do, i find out something else. i think we should consider the merit of 49 states and demoting hawaii back to something like puerto rico status.
    and nice work on the job front.

  12. bryan on 27 April 2005
  13. easy, bryan. some people reading this blog were born on the kingdom STOLEN from hawaiian monarchy by the imperialist american war machine.
    one of the rocks mark took from pele might have just magically appeared in your liver!
    (btw, i hope everything is alright with that)

  14. rlo on 27 April 2005

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