Massive Quantities of Gasoline

April 17, 2005 in Uncategorized

Have I become that guy? Am I really going to just use this blog to say, “Oooooohh man. I got soooooo drunk last night. Ooooooh maaaan. That was sooooooo awwwwesome,” slapping fives and chest bumping as I go? Man, I hope not.



I got soooooo drunk last night. And the night before that too, actually. Had a fun guys night with Zack, Nick and Andrew. After a couple beers and hanging out at Andrew’s house on seriously the best porch in Austin, Zack and I did some big beers at Buffallo. Ya know. Just to shake it up a little bit. And who do we see but Scott Snyder our old TU section leader? And guess who wants to hire me for a job? Seriously. I’m gonna stop right there. No need jinxing it.

Anyways, we caught up with Nick and Andrew after seeing Toad play at the Parish and headed to Fourth Street. Well, not Toad, but the lead singer from Toad the Wet Sprocket, whose doing the solo thing now. Remember them? Yeah, me too. Remember any of their actual names, or what they look like, or any of their songs? Yeah, me neither. Toad.

Anyhoo, off to Rain over at Fourth Street where we hung out for a few hours before some Whataburger to finish off the night. Gay Bars are funny, but the straight people that go to them are even funnier. All heterosexual conversations revolve around the homosexual friend that they came with. As if they’re not waving their friend around like a pflag that they’re immediately uncool and out of the loop.

“Oh really? Oh, well I’m just here with my fabulous friend over there. Seem him? Over there? Oh, he’s so crazy! You should totally meet him! He’s sooooo fabulous…”

Last night was all together different. We headed out towards the airport to participate in the party that was Audrey & Carlos’ wedding. Quite the experience. When you scan the program and see roles of “Wedding Slave”, “Fire Girl”, and “Lead Monkey Chanters”, you know it’s going to be special. durn hippies… Carlos and Audrey of course said very unique vows, and there were varied readings scattered throught the ceremony, even some West Side Story.

There was one line that Audrey read that particularly caught my ear. I don’t remember it verbatim, but I know it was about the relationship between a fire and a spark. No, not in the Bruce Springsteen way, but in the “All fires start with a spark, but a spark without fire is worthless”, sort of way. Granted, who can’t relate to the lyrical musings of Monkey Chanters, but this one hit especially close to home. Lately, I feel like I’m surrounded by flint and I’m sparking all over the place, but I can’t get anything to catch. So many ideas. Zero traction.

I gotta make this a big week. No real excuses left. Reader, if you were standing next to me, I’d be high-fiving you like it’s my job. It’s go time, bitches. And if you see me hanging out at the Shell station down the street, No—I haven’t gotten a car yet.

4 Comments to Massive Quantities of Gasoline

  1. what i will remember most from carlos and audrey’s wedding is that their vows included the phrases “bomb-diggety” and “hook you up with the goodness.” now why can’t episcopalians write vows like that?

  2. flash on 18 April 2005
  3. Bomb-Diggity! I was trying to remember what it was, but couldn’t…

  4. Mark on 18 April 2005
  5. i can’t believe i missed a wedding where the vows included the phrase “bomb-diggity.”

  6. rlo on 19 April 2005
  7. Don’t worry, RLo. If I ever get married, you’ll be invited and I’ll be sure to include the words “bomb-diggity,” “biznatch,” AND “asunder” in the ceremony. Because everyone likes a good asunder. Plus, I’m Episcopalian – bonus!!
    Oh and Mark: *high five!* A-W00t w00t.

  8. Bre on 20 April 2005

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