I just got my world rocked.

May 20, 2005 in Uncategorized

I consider myself pretty good at what I do. No, the fact that I’ve been unempolyed since September has not been forgotten by yours truly, but seriously—I’m good.

I just had my world completely rocked by someone, turning so much about what I thought about the web on it’s head. I knew he was much more of a rock star than I am, but wow.

Having your truths turned totally upside down in the matter of about 30 seconds and 6 mouse-clicks is an awesome feeling.

now go buy a ticket, bitch.

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  1. i’m buyin’ a ticket as soon as i’ve got the money. broke now. in fact, skippin’ out on fun activities downtown tonight b/c of it. and a crazy headache i’m havin’.
    so, who’s the DJ for this Prom.

  2. dawn on 21 May 2005

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