Idiot v. Idiot

September 22, 2005 in Uncategorized

Strikes happen. In almost every industry you’ll find companies that have had to deal with strikes in one way or another. The consumer is always affected, but both sides usually try to minimize the inconvenience. The company doesn’t want people to stop using them, so they make sure the consumer is taken care of. Labor depends on public sentiment, so they try to give consumers fair warning.

Neither happened today as the bus drivers went on a one-day strike. THE DAY BEFORE A MAJOR HURRICANE! For people like me who have to take the bus to get supplies and food and whatnot, what are we supposed to do? Many people will probably stay home tomorrow, so we’re not using the bus tomorrow. And CapMetro? They advertise an
email notification system on their site that will let you know if anything happens with the strike. My mailbox this morning? Empty. The juxtaposition of the two most recent news articles at are just perfect.

Capital Metro Board Approves Railcar Vendor

Spending $32M dollars on 6(!) trains that no one will ever use.

Capital Metro Reports Drivers, Mechanics on One-Day Strike

Striking on the day before one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded will hit Austin.

I rest my case.

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  1. hey, you know i’ll drive you anywhere you need. in fact, i too need to stock up before tomorrow… ‘course, it looks like it’s all gonna go right over our heads (that is, East) so we should be OK.

  2. dawn on 23 September 2005

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