No, I will not be coming to your Super Bowl Party

February 5, 2010 in Branding, Commercials, Tech

It’s not that I’m asocial. It’s not that I don’t like you. And no, I don’t hate sports.

I’ll actually be at work during the Super Bowl, sweating through one of the most nerve wracking launches I’ve ever been a part of. My contract gig at HomeAway is wrapping up, and after two months of ActionScript-slinging and Airport-sprinting, we get to share it with the world.

Third Quarter. Griswolds. Stay tuned.

The Griswolds are Back

2 Comments to No, I will not be coming to your Super Bowl Party

  1. I heard about it on 101x this morning. Maybe the force be with you, and your servers.

  2. Tommy Klumker on 5 February 2010
  3. Saw a bit about it on News 8 last night and nearly fell off my couch craning my neck hoping for a glimpse of you. So very excited to see how this all works out!

  4. Facebook User on 5 February 2010

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