I met with my the

April 12, 2003 in Uncategorized

I met with my the City of Austin Building Permit people yesterday to talk about the back house. I got back from a business trip to find a notice on it saying that it didn’t have a permit, and that it was unlawful for anyone to occupy it. Dope. So I talked to them (very nice people) and gave me the skinny. The back house is breaking a lot of rules. The distance of the back house to the lot line isn’t enough, I need to create 4(!) new parking spots, the lot needs to be 7000 sq. ft. to have two residences on it, and a bunch of other stuff. The “Board of Adjustment” is a citizen-run board meets once a month and they have the power to give me the exemption I need to keep the back house. The soonest slot I can get is in mid-June. Stay tuned.

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