What a night for sports!

April 25, 2003 in Uncategorized

What a night for sports! Jeez, “Jiggy” and the Mighty Ducks beat the Stars in a quintuple-overtime game in the NHL playoffs, and the T-Wolves take out the Lakers in OT without KG! Great stuff. Granted, the sudden death quintuple-overtime hockey game ended while I was in the bathroom, and I refused to watch overtime cause I thought the T-Wolves were gonna lose, but the replays looked very exciting. ;)

The end of season tournament for my Ultimate Frisbee league is tomorrow. I had this master plan of at least starting to get in shape and eating really well for a week or two. Hm. Let’s check the score. Barely any sleep after the wedding on Saturday, barely any after Nasty’s on Monday, hungover from Gus’ farewell tour on Wednesday, I broke down and had some McDonalds, and I haven’t been to the gym once. I see an MVP of the tournament award in my future. Most definitely…

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