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May 20, 2003 in Uncategorized

All of this garbage about Annika Sorenstam is absolutely infuriating. She’s a lock for the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame and she’s being treated like some waitress from Hooters is pulling out a 3 Wood from the cluttered trunk of her car. With idiots like Scott Hoch and cowards like Vijay Singh trying to “keep her in the kitchen….errr, I mean LPGA”, they’re very very quickly forgetting Tiger Woods’ flamboyant, fist-pumping style was branded inappropriate early in his career because it “didn’t belong in the PGA”. And Tiger is the only reason anyone even knows who Scott Hoch is.

Desires to to boot these punks in the head aside, here is a great, rational article by Tom Boswell in today’s Washington Post.

“But as soon as a gender issue arrives, everybody forgets that there’s a mountain of facts to analyze, rather than a hill of emotion to vent.”

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