CWO is a disturbing thing.

May 14, 2003 in Uncategorized

CWO is a disturbing thing. It affects 1 of 4 people in their 20s. Take for example last night.

I was all jazzed up to do Karaoke at Club DeVille. And I heard The Midgetmen had a big kid show just down the street at Emo’s. Bonus. So I sat on the couch after getting home from work, drinking a Hoegaarden (my new favorite beer) and watching TV. Then all of a sudden, my couch gets charged with positive ions and my butt gets charged with negative ions. I can’t move.

That’s how it happens to most people–out of the blue. CWO is scary. “Am I getting old? Is my youth over? Why the heck am I watching Matlock?” The thought process can be terrifying. Take for example Ryan Kennedy. He’s a newlywed. A demographic ripe with disproportionately high cases of CWO, and he has shown symptoms over the last few months. But you know what? He went out last night and I didn’t.

So what does that mean? Nothing. I felt bad, but it was just a fluke. I’m not suffering from Chronic Wussing Out. I can take a night off right? Anyways, I heard Karaoke was fun last night, and I’m sure The Midgetmen were fun, but I’ll catch them next time. If Matlock isn’t on.

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