Long weekends are really nice.

May 25, 2003 in Uncategorized

Long weekends are really nice. Today is Sunday, but it’s kinda like Saturday cause tomorrow is a holiday. It’s really nice. Work/Life balance is so important. It was a conscious decision to put work in front of life for while, and I guess the gamble paid off, but it’s really nice to get back to normal.

Wouldn’t it make a great title for a movie? How Mark got his Bob Vila groove back? I weatherproofed my deck and put in two ceiling fans this weekend. Very very cool. I haven’t worked with real electricity since college (and most of the time I was just watching the Mechanical Engineers) so it was scary, but everything seems to be cool now. And to quote the wise Leela, “Electricity is a pretty wonderful thing.”

I can’t not talk about Annika. Hm. Her 2nd round was disappointing. I actually disagree with the majority that her 2nd round didn’t matter and that she had already made a huge accomplishment. She didn’t accomplish anything. Yeah, she played one great round, but she stunk it up in the second. She played it safe on Thursday, and she was really aggressive on Friday. I would have loved to see her play another boring (but safe) round, and make the cut.

During this whole experience she stressed that it was a one time event. Now that she has made such a huge splash, the new question is: Does Annika Sorentam owe it to women’s sports to play in more PGA events?

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