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May 28, 2003 in Uncategorized



So a few people I know ran a triathlon here in Austin this weekend and I went to cheer them on. It was short and it looped back on itself so it was never more than 10 or so minutes between seeing someone I knew. But what do you do for 10 minutes while you stare at people you don’t know sweating, spitting, and grunting as they whiz by you? At first it was twiddling my thumbs. But then I remembered that Mollie told me that at the start of a triathlon, everyone’s age is written on their calf.

Oh boy.

So much fun trying to figure out everyone’s age as they’re running towards you. Well guessing isn’t very exciting, but finding out the answer once you guess is pretty dope. I was getting pretty good at guessing after a while, but there were definitely a few cases where I guessed way too low (folks in impressive shape), and time when I guessed way too high (dangerous!).

Ergo, I’m now proposing that everyone write their age on their calf. Would make walking down the street so much more entertaining.

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