“Okay, lets get this girl

May 11, 2003 in Uncategorized

“Okay, lets get this girl too.” A strange first line for a cabby to say as Shad and I are buckling in to the back seat of the cab. “What?” “Yeah, lets get this girl too.” A college-aged girl walked up to the cab and told the cabby she was going to South Congress. “Get in. We’ll drop you off on the way.” The girl realized that there were other people in the cab and walked away. “She was afraid to get in the cab with three guys. Look at those hips!” More that she was afraid of the sketchy middle-aged cab driver, but I kept that obvious thought to myself.

As he pulls away and continues to yap about everything from how he’s a doctor from Spain to what a bad cab driver he is, Shad and I do our best to carry on our own A-B conversation. Unfortunately he kept C-ing his way back into it. As we’re rolling down the drag: “Can you imagine the experience for that woman? Sex with three men?”

“I mean really–she’d never experience anything like that in her life again.”

I’d love to have some witty way to wrap this up, but just talking about that cabby makes me feel dirty. I’m gonna go take a shower.

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