So so so lame. Mollie

June 1, 2003 in Uncategorized

So so so lame. Mollie had a party at our place this weekend for her Triathlon team and the people that donated money to help them raise $55,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Mollie woke me up at 8a the morning after freaking out because she couldn’t find her purse. Or her phone. In my early morning stupor I stumbled around wondering where she had misplaced it. I walked out onto the back porch and there is her wallet sitting underneath a chair. Along with lipstick, some crumpled up receipts and everything else that was in her purse.

Some prick, not only stole her cell phone off the coffetable, but went into her room, and found her purse. He/she took the purse and the cash inside it (thankfully left everything that was in it on our back porch). It makes me so angry just thinking about it. We invited people over to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment of Mollie and her team, give out free food and drinks, and some jerk just helps him/herself to our stuff. Having someone come into our house and steal from us just makes me feel extra gross.

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