Be careful what you wish

July 16, 2003 in Uncategorized

Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it. Cheesy, but man is it true.

I’m getting grumpy in my “old age.” I’m having the urge to shake my fist at some crazy kids way too often. Is it just me or are there whole armies of 15 year olds driving SUVs lately? And why must these crazed teenagers answer their phone (complete with the latest, most obnoxious ring tone) while in a movie?!? Can’t they wait? Do they think I can’t hear them? I can hear you!!! Grrrrrrrr.

Now switch to me on one of my many flights yesterday and hearing, “The use of cell phones is now allowed.” Whaaaaaaaaa? We had landed in Houston, but we were still a good 5-10 minutes away from actually parking at the gate. Turns out American and Continental have a new policy that lets you talk on your cell phone as soon as you hit the ground. I also read in the paper, that the FAA is running tests to see if you can use your cell phone during the entire flight. Yippee thinks Mark Phillip. This is a great idea. About freakin time.

Fast-forward to my flight back from Detroit (pronounced dee-twah), and I got no seating love. No upgrade, no empty seat next to me, and there is a baby screaming his head off. All of this would have bothered me, but I was distracted by a picture of evil. Pure evil.

It would be great if I could talk on my cell phone, but what if everyone else could talk on theirs? Can you imagine? A cacophony of ring tones, “Can you hear me now?”s, and “I’m calling from the plane!”s. The most idiotic conversations about the most asinine things, and you’d be stuck with them. For hours. And you’d have nowhere to go.

I have seen hell my friends. And it might be closer than you think.

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