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August 4, 2003 in Uncategorized

Don’t know what you would eat first if you were a burrito? These people do…
“So, Mark, I turn the question back upon you: is the quiescent me-burrito standing vertically, or is it being held in such a way (horizontally, across the hand) that facilitates eating? Because this makes quite a difference in how I would begin to answer such a complex and ultimately, I believe, enlightening question. It’s somewhat of a koan for Austin, is it not?

Barring all of the above, if I were a burrito, I would eat the part with the most guacamole first. You can always tell, especially at Chipotle, because there’s a big squishy cold lump. And mmmm, boy.”


“i believe i would begin with a big bite of the head”


“If I was made out of burrito I would eat away all of the weight I don’t
want, little nibble off the thighs, little bite of butt, chunk o’ tummy.
That would be great because then eating cheese and sour cream would actually
make me thinner.

Furthermore the beauty of the burrito is the melding of the many flavors i
wouldn’t concentrate on one ingredient. Hopefully my butt is a delicious
combination of sour cream, cheese, meat, and lettuce.”


“i’m gonna go with any part but my feet. because if i ate my feet, the rest of the burrito-goodnes would fall out. i hate it when that happens.”


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