I don’t like Friendster. I

August 27, 2003 in Uncategorized

I don’t like Friendster. I know you’re my friend. You know you’re my friend. Why do we have to be friendsters too? And what the heck is a friendster anyway? I say Introvertster is where it’s at.

How bout you? Make your voice heard.


c’mon, you really think anyone would want to NOT be invited to parties and such, you’re crazy.

Hey, Mark- whatchu got against friendster? I actually hadn’t heard of it before you posted it on your site, but it seems like the kind of business that would have been a hit in TU. Damn- why didn’t I think of that???

Not sure about how good it would be for actually meeting someone. I’m more of the get-drunk-and-see-what-happens kind of girl.
i have a friend that has met a few women on friendster and hotornot and those. we’ve never seen the women he meets. he says they’re pretty hot. i consider him an embarrassment.

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