Maybe I am getting old.

September 11, 2003 in Uncategorized

Maybe I am getting old.

I saw an Audi station wagon today and I thought, “That would be really cool.” Not really having a station wagon, but needing a stationwagon. One night at Summer League I was hanging out with an older member of my team and his toddler son was there. I had spent tons of time with kids before, but for some reason that night he wasn’t just a cute mini-person to play with. He was a product. A product of two people. A product of two people that were working to grow something. And I had never thought about a child that way. Sure, kids these days can grow up with very little help, but the thought of being totally committed to someone, and working with that person to create this whole new precious life totally overwhelmed me that night.

And as I waited to make my left turn, I felt a little bit of that again.

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