Can someone explain this to

October 16, 2003 in Uncategorized

Can someone explain this to me?

I was driving to work this morning headed east on 2222, when I saw a motorcycle heading the opposite direction with red and blue flashing lights. It caught my eye because the lights were very official-looking, but there was no designation of “Police” or anything, anywhere on the cycle. A few car lengths back and around the curve came two more identical motorcycles, a hearse, and a few cars with their lights on.

Then….everyone on my side of the street started pulling over. “Okay, I guess that’s not too weird. Everyone’s showing respect. That’s actually kinda cool.” So I pulled over like a nice lemming and waited for the cars to go by. And so they went by. And we all sat there. And we all sat there. The cars were long gone mind you, but maybe 12 of us were just sitting there in our cars parked in the right lane of 2222, or as I like to call it: sports-car-careening-out-of-control central. So I put on my blinker and took off. And as I headed around the next curve, the cars were all still just sitting there.

So what’s the deal? Were people actually showing their respects, but decided to just hang out a little longer? Or do people not actually do that—and everyone just started pulling over cause everyone else did, and then didn’t know what to do?

“That’s rather lame. If the funeral procession was on the other side of the road there is not need to pull over and stop traffic. Whoever did it first lead all you sheep to the slaughter with little effort, good thing you got out when you did. Normally people only stop and pull over if they are on the same side, but mostly you’re just supposed to let them stay together and not pull in to the middle of the procession.”


“people just do that. you idiot.

: P

actually, one of my close friends in college was pulled over for a funeral procession on a small windy road like that and an impatient car who didnt want to pull over tried to go around the people who had pulled to the side and ended up hitting one of the cars in the procession and ended up killing 4 more family members that were on their way to the funeral. unbelieveable, huh? so you gotta be carefull pulling out before everyone else gets started again.”


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