I wasn’t expecting any responses

October 29, 2003 in Uncategorized

I wasn’t expecting any responses to this question, but these are too good not to post.

“Walking around with friends at a punky market where I bought cheap but fab vintage accessories and a fresh fruit kabob from a vendor that tasted like heaven…..deciding to buy some wine and drink it on top of a giant grassy hill named after a flower……having a couple next to us donate some fancy olives to our wine party…..having races to see who could roll down the hill faster on super soft, strangely long grass……sitting in the sun on a cool spring Saturday content in the fact that I could stay there forever and be happy.

Sometimes the best days surprise you when you are expecting nothing at all.”


“I still remember thinking, on my sixteenth birthday, that it was the best day ever. I can’t think of any others that were so clear-cut. I had the lead in Fiddler on the Roof and we had a huge cast party on my birthday and everyone was giving me flowers and presents and we had a fantastic time. that’s a pretty lame best day, but looking back it was really nice. I can think of more “best moments” than “best days”. Graduation two years ago was pretty nice, also the day I returned from London and my then-boyfriend met me at the airport with two dozen roses.”


Seriously, people. Was there anything better than being met at the gate by someone important to you? Family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever. Throw in some flowers and its a lock. Meeting someone at baggage claim just doesn’t get the job done. Everybody is milling around like cattle—nothing exciting or romantic about that. But when you first spot the person at the other end of the jetway (whether you were meeting the person, or you were the one being met), it was on. For the next 15 seconds you were as giddy as a toddler blowing out the candles: “My present is coming soon. I can’t make it come any faster, but I know it’s a comin’.” Something about seeing that person walking single file down that seemingly infinitely long corridor made nothing else matter. When you got to embrace that person, it instantly became this perfect moment, and somehow the more you hugged and squeezed this person the more all the fights and arguments and problems and jealousy you ever had just melted away.

At least until you got to baggage claim…

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