Okay, I still haven’t made

December 11, 2003 in Uncategorized

Okay, I still haven’t made it down to Brown Bar on a Wednesday, but I did make it somewhere a little closer–Hole in the Wall. Back in the day (read: pre-layoffs), Wednesday nights were spent at Hip Hop Hump Day (H3) at Mercury. A bunch of guys freestyling backed by a live band and a really chill crowd. They shut it down a while back (absolutely no clue why…), and I haven’t seen the guys who performed since…until last night.

I got a flyer at Nasty’s on Monday about Hip-Hop at Hole in the Wall on Wednesday. It’s just down the street on Guadalupe, so I hopped on the bus and headed down. It was pretty slow early, but come 11:30 or so it was groovin’ with the same chill vibe that H3 had. $1 Pints, $2 Wells, and Melissa even showed up late despite spending all day on a final presentation. Good stuff.

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