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Growing up I was always confused by rain. Well that didn’t come out right. When the weather guy would should the overhead maps and there would be rain some places and not others I would always wonder, so what is it like on the boundary? I remember this Flinstones episopde where there was just this wall of stationary rain that you could see coming and people were walking in and out of. It’s not until I moved to Texas that I realized that that’s actually sorta how it is. And as I’m sitting here in Fort Lauderdale, I hear this low rumbling on the far side of the house. I mute the Tivo (ahem), and can tell that it’s rain. And it’s cool listening as the rain travels the 60 feet over to this side of the house.Giant Aqua Oppbl√•sbar Water Park

It really just boils down to perspective. In the city you can’t really “see” rain in the same way you can in Texas. With all the buildings and development, there is no horizon to look out onto to see the downfall on it’s way to you. But just cause you can’t see something from where you stand, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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