No Burden for You

January 16, 2004 in Uncategorized

Life is pretty funny. It’s when you think you have it figured out, when it’s the craziest. I was really really jazzed about going to see the Burden Brothers tonight—a poetic way to end a crazy couple weeks. Just found out they’re sold out :). Kinda lame, but kinda good at the same time. I’ve built up the thought of hearing my new anthem (Beautiful Night) live so much, that it couldn’t possibly be anything but a letdown.

It’s like Brett Favre and this year’s playoffs. The “Team of Destiny” they were labelled when Favre’s father died in the final weeks of the season. Many people predicted that they’d ride Destiny right to a championship. But alas, on a miracle (4th and 26) play they were knocked out. And that’s it. No fairy tale ending, just run of the mill 2nd round loss in the playoffs. And you know what? Brett Favre is better for it.

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