January 16, 2004 in Uncategorized


I love Britney’s new song. Yes, the I’m still a virgin, makin it with Madonna, Justin dumping, soon to be star of every other late night smut movie on Cinemax in about 5 years, has a pretty sweet track in “Toxic”. I was hoping that the rest of her album would be as bad as that last single and she would start to fade away, but alas, Toxic is really good—the best chorus hook I’ve heard in a while.

The video on the other hand is absolutely horrendous. Filled with typical Britney body writhing, but also add a splash of crotch-rubbing and panty shots, but zero dancing. Plus it’s such a shameless Alias ripoff (even some of the samples sound like they are straight from the show), that it’s better to listen to, than to watch. …I can’t believe I just said that.

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