Wild Man

January 23, 2004 in Uncategorized

Alicat says:
wow poker, dancin, and drinkin
you are a wild man

Yes Ali. Yes I am.

My body and I are embroiled a steel cage death match, people. I survived all season, but my body has finally let me down and I’m sick. But I contend that if I ignore it it will just go away. Yeah, yeah. It’ll just go away…

Poker was an absolute blast last night. Well worth the $25 to just hang out and play some cards. If my goal was just to stay in as long as possible, I definitely think I could’ve done better. I took a risk (although not really a big one), but I’d rather put it all on the line at 10:30 and keep my night, rather than slowly getting whittled out after midnight. Definitely, definitely fun though. I need to have a Poker night again. And a Superbowl party. Yeah, I should have a superbowl party too. Anyways, I digress… Went home, showered, and met Zack and Lifeso down at Spill for some beers. Dollar beers at Spill. Quality. We hung out there for a while, and Arshia, Melissa, Mr. Scruff and friends showed up and we had a good ol’ time. Stumbled into a cab and headed home.

And got right into my car and hit the Wendy’s drive-thru. I couldn’t restrain myself—the food was gone by the time I got home. This is really getting bad people. I got McDonald’s (or as I like to call it: Justin’s Ambrosia) with Bre last weekend, and I’ve had fast food like 4 times since. Ultimate starts next week! What am I doing? So not good. Well, not really. It actually tasted really good. In bed at 3, and back out the door at 8:40. A friendly french fry greeted me as I started up the car.

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