How It Started

February 20, 2004 in Uncategorized

We might look back in a few decades and realize this is how it started.

New Mexico County Now Allowing Same-Sex Marriages

I’m supa psyched to see this happening, but the comparisons to the Civil Rights Movements in the 60s has to stop.

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  1. And every single day I pass Civic Center here in San Francisco the line wraps around and around City Hall in the rain, people are camping out from all over the world to get married. Hasn’t stopped since last Thursday. It is an amazing thing and my heart melts with joy.

  2. Jen on 20 February 2004
  3. I agree, Mark. Thanks for posting this and keeping me in the know. I am felicitously happy at the goings-on.

  4. beth on 21 February 2004

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