I Don’t?

February 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

Maybe lovin’ isn’t in the air quite yet…

Woman Says ‘I Don’t’ At NBA Game

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  1. dude, that sucks. not much more you can say about that.

  2. beth on 26 February 2004
  3. I think what’s really interesting about this article is the headlines at the bottom of the page, one having to do with the dangers of oral sex among the youth and the other is about a “new” tape of the Columbine killers. So, you’ve got a failed marriage proposal (breakdown of romance and social expectations), propaganda about teen sex (dear God, SO taboo) and kids killing kids (what’s wrong with these KIDS anyway?). I don’t know…I think it’s a strange connection. I’ll go now.

  4. Bre on 27 February 2004

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