Plenty of Room at the Inn

February 21, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey kids, there’s plenty of room at the inn that is If anyone is interested in getting off of Blogger and using Moveable Type (it’s better—trust me), lemme know. Getting your own domain is only 6 bucks a year. Or you can put it at for free.

2 Comments to Plenty of Room at the Inn

  1. appreciate the offer, love the benefits, but think that an entire website named after me may be too risky in light of recent discoveries by others. I’m prizing my anonymity like no other right about now. (…the funk soul brother…)

  2. beth on 21 February 2004
  3. You could be creative with it. I can’t imagine is taken…

  4. Mark on 22 February 2004

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