President’s Day

February 16, 2004 in Uncategorized

So what’s the deal? Is today a holiday or what? Anybody going to work today?

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  1. No. Work. Operating at about 25% today. If I had to work today I’d be fired. Must…get…coffee…

  2. Jen on 16 February 2004
  3. Yeah, I’m freakin’ working. I guess you’re not. Which is one more reason why you suck. And Alias was so good last night, as usual. Looks like Jon’s prediction about Sloane is going to be true…heh heh…
    Wow, I need to get a life.

  4. Bre on 16 February 2004
  5. why are you chops not working? is it still snowing? did somebody important die?

  6. beth on 16 February 2004
  7. oh God, is it MLK day? I really do live in bubble. British people don’t celebrate this?
    it’s not Presidents day, is it?
    what’s going on…. I’m so confused.

  8. beth on 16 February 2004
  9. It’s President’s Day, but I guess not in Texas. I really don’t understand why national holidays are celebrated on a state-by-state basis. Kinda silly, no? I guess I should go to work…

  10. Mark on 16 February 2004
  11. ah, Presidents Day… well, f that. Who wants to celebrate that crap.

  12. beth on 16 February 2004

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