Artist of the Week – Joss Stone

March 1, 2004 in Of The Week

Joss Stone. Diagnosis? Yummy.

I think hearing a few lines of her sexy White Stripes cover was enough, but to see ?uest Love of The Roots playing drums in the video forced me to take her seriously. And having a Julia Stiles, Mandy Moore, Kate Bosworth sorta look doesn’t hurt either. Listen to the track (or watch the video) it’s good stuff. Dinner for anyone that can guess her nationality and age. Heh.

14 Comments to Artist of the Week – Joss Stone

  1. British. 16. Yeah, I listen to KGSR.
    You owe me McDonalds.

  2. Bre on 1 March 2004
  3. I’d request something better than McDonalds for that one Bre, c’mon…

  4. dawn on 1 March 2004
  5. KGSR? 107.1, eh? I don’t think my radio goes that high.

  6. Mark on 1 March 2004
  7. Maybe I am a showoff. But I’m a showoff who gets some free McDonalds. Yeah buddy.

  8. Bre on 1 March 2004
  9. Oh yeah? Well I made out with Orlando last night. So there.

  10. Mark on 1 March 2004
  11. No, _I_ made out with Orlando last night, because I live in the same freakin’ country with both him AND Joss Stone. and I could make out with her too. so there.

  12. beth on 1 March 2004
  13. So THAT’s why he wasn’t at the Oscars. Well, that makes sense. Beth has some excellent snoggin’ skills.

  14. Bre on 1 March 2004
  15. Orlando and Beth and Joss, oh my!

  16. Mark on 1 March 2004
  17. And, I would just like to remind everyone, that Kate Bosworth (to whom Mark compared Joss Stone) is Orlando’s actual girlfriend. Coincidence? I think not. Do I hate her? With the fire of 1,000 suns.

  18. Bre on 1 March 2004
  19. and Kate Bosworth? Seriously people, I’m about to faint.

  20. Mark on 1 March 2004
  21. AAAAAND “With the fire of 1,000 suns” is a quote from a Julia Stiles movie. The cross-references are flying, folks! And this comment thread is getting waaaaay longer than it needs to be. Which is mostly my fault. sorry.

  22. Bre on 1 March 2004
  23. i just wanted to be a part of the longest comment thread in the history of
    and mark, how you get women to so openly discuss making out with beautiful actresses is awe inspiring.
    keep it up. or pony up. or giddy up. or whatever-it-is up.

  24. chairman on 1 March 2004
  25. hey, whenever a gbf can’t be found, the ladies skedaddle to the dopest black man in texas. kinda like having velveeta when there’s no cheddar to be found. yeah, you catch my drift…

  26. Mark on 1 March 2004
  27. Just listened to album. Am in love. Will turn lesbian for her.
    I need to be just as hot. :)

  28. jen on 10 March 2004

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