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Poll: You’re moving into a small studio apartment. Space in the kitchen is limited. If you had to choose between these two options, which would you rather have?

  • Option 1: A 4-burner stove and a standard oven.
  • Option 2: A 4-burner stove, but instead of the oven, a dishwasher.

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  1. Option 1: If you cook a considerable amount and don’t mind washing the dishes.
    Option 2: If you absolutely loathe dishes and can live with a toaster oven.
    I would go for Option 1 cause I cook and I’ve lived without dishwashers before. Think of how long it would take for one person to fill a dishwasher enough to warrant using it. Unless you can sleep at night knowing you ran the dishwasher with only 3 plates and 5 forks in it.

  2. jen on 16 March 2004
  3. ooh, I would never not have an oven. dishes are doable, but when you need an oven, where you gonna go? nowhere, that’s where.
    having dishwashers just makes me lazy though.

  4. beth on 16 March 2004
  5. Option one gets my vote. Ovens are very useful.

  6. Bre on 16 March 2004
  7. This is a no brainer. Option 1. Washing dishes by hand is a bitch…but there is no way you can bake without an oven. Both options have the same stove…but then are differentiated by Option 2 having a convenience and Option 1 having a necessity.

  8. Gangsta NIP on 16 March 2004
  9. Okay this is getting out of control. No one would rather a dishwasher? Am I the only one? It’s true that the dishwasher is more of a convenience that an oven, but think of all the time you’d save? Am I really the only one that only uses the oven on Turkey Day?

  10. Mark on 16 March 2004
  11. Well, being as I live in an efficancy with option 1 and b/c I don’t believe in dishwashers – Beth is right, they make one lazy and they don’t really get everything clean, they waste water and soap too – I would go for option 3…option 3 being 4 burner stove and more counter space. I don’t have enough time or space to properly bake anyway, so who needs a stove (use a friends). At the moment I only have one small counter about 2ft by 2ft – and before I moved my microwave on top of the fridge I had none!
    Now Mark, if you are planning the layout of your backhouse, I would definetly suggest you put in the stove and oven and leave out the dishwasher, if and only if there is enough space around the sink for dishes to be set/dried.

  12. dawn on 16 March 2004
  13. p’shaw. i’m friends with too many women… :P

  14. Mark on 16 March 2004
  15. i really didn’t want to side with women, but i think i have to. in fact, i just removed my old dishwasher from my small studio with limited kitchen space. the void left behind is now the home of my microwave and shelves for plates and things. imagine that: i chose to have extra storage space in my kitchen over having a dishwasher.
    but don’t overestimate the value of storage space. i read that the russian space program brought up a cargo container instead of that guy from nsync.

  16. ericlau on 16 March 2004
  17. Option 2 is my choice. Unless you bake a lot, the oven just sits there.
    Also, if you ever rent your place, lazy students/ people will love the dishwasher!:)
    If you like baking, you could always get a little counter top oven (of cos that won’t do for thanksgiving meals).

  18. Moni on 17 March 2004

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