Rogue Kangaroo

March 17, 2004 in Uncategorized

Damn rogue kangaroos.

Australian woman attacked by rogue kangaroo

Attacked by a dog? Scary. Attacked by a bear? Scary. But for some reason, just imagining this woman getting pummeled by a kangaroo makes me giggle.

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  1. in one ear and out the other dear. you can describe the most gruesome attack ever, but when i think kangaroo, all i can think of is kangaroo jack, that worthless movie with jerry o’connell…

  2. Mark on 17 March 2004
  3. And if you need your memory jogged…
    “Two childhood friends, a New York hairstylist and a would-be musician, get caught up with the mob and are forced to deliver $50,000 to Australia, but things go haywire when the money is lost to a wild kangaroo. ”

  4. Mark on 17 March 2004
  5. No, Beth’s right. Kangaroos are way vicious. Like, way.

  6. Bre on 17 March 2004
  7. Is this another oven situation? Seriously people. Somebody back me up. Violent kangaroos = funny. Check that. Anything violent organism with a pouch, including and not limited to middle-aged men with fanny packs = funny.

  8. Mark on 17 March 2004
  9. Now that you put it that way…fanny packs are funny. Kangaroos attacking humans are funny too, only b/c they seem so fuzy and lovable in pictures.

  10. dawn on 17 March 2004
  11. I think the best line of the article is the one about his eyes, his big, beady eyes…there was just so much hate in them. Hate in his eyes. As if this attack was premeditated. He said to his kangaroo mates, “Those humans have been gardening these parts for way too long! They need to be taught a lesson! This land is OURS! To the residential areas, men, let’s go! Kick ’em hard, kick ’em down! Let ’em see the hate in your eyes!”
    Ahhh, I’m sorry. I’m drunk again.

  12. Bre on 17 March 2004
  13. Again? How come none of us ever get invites?

  14. Mark on 17 March 2004
  15. I’m semi-buzzed (one vodka cranberry juice) and I’ve had one cigarette. But don’t feel left out, I’m just depressed.
    wow, that sounds really sad. Maybe I should go watch Kangaroo Jack.

  16. beth on 17 March 2004
  17. Hey, it’s St. Patty’s day we should all be drunk, right?
    I’m headed to Mother Egans around 9pm, care to join me?

  18. dawn on 17 March 2004
  19. dude, kangaroos are huge and scary! who’s gonna be laughing when YOU get your ass kicked by a kangaroo? not you!
    you’ll be crying hot tears of repentance. and me? I’ll say, ‘I told you so’.
    just a word of warning.

  20. beth on 17 March 2004

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