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Rollergirls! I’m finally going to see the Texas Rollergirls this weekend thanks to Miss Katie. Rodeo last weekend, Rollergirls this weekend. Beauty.

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  1. You know it. I’m way too excited about it.

  2. Mark on 23 March 2004
  3. me too, me too!

  4. dawn on 23 March 2004
  5. Grrrr…I’m gonna be out of town this weekend. We’ll have to catch another game – we’ll have to catch AAAALLLL the games!

  6. Bre on 23 March 2004
  7. When are you coming back? The game isn’t until Sunday night…

  8. Mark on 23 March 2004
  9. Ooo ooo I might be able to do that. Tickets at Cheapo’s? $10? I’ll do my best.

  10. Bre on 23 March 2004
  11. they have a documentary about the sport!! my favorite rollergirls are Anna Mosity and Miss Conduct. you gotta get pictures with them! Maybe you can crash their “After party at Beerland”?

  12. ericlau on 23 March 2004
  13. Well, did you have a good time ?????

  14. Eight Track on 15 April 2004
  15. Thought I would pass this along.
    -Cheap Trixie
    Texas Rollergirl
    Hustlers #13
    First and foremost, everyday we are catching the attention of the
    national media and the great writers at SPIN magazine has finally
    caught on to the Texas Rollergirls. ALL of our events planned for the
    next few days including our bout on Sunday will be blessed with the
    presence of SPIN Magazine (! In addition to all
    that spinning hoopla on Sunday we will also be filmed in HIGH
    DEFINITION! The fine folks from HDNET will bring their $90,000
    cameras to capture us in the most KICK ASS possible way! I just hope
    none of us crazy rolling ladies crash into any of them. So please
    join us Sunday at our game and let’s show these out-staters how Tex-
    ass rockers throw a rock n’roller party. Please please come and show
    your love!
    April 25 – Bout @ Playland
    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Playland Skate Center is the place for the
    third Rock’n’Rollerderby show-down of the season! The Honky Tonk
    Heartbreakers(2-0) take on the Hell Marys (0-2)… and the Hotrod
    Honeys (1-1) challenge the Hustlers (1-1). Come on out, drink some
    Lone Star, and make some noise for your favorite team!
    Date: Sunday, April 25
    Doors: 6:30 p.m.
    Where: Playland Skate Center, 8822 McCann (183 & Burnet)
    Bands: Blood Burnin’ & The Weary Boys
    The action starts with music from Blood Burnin’ and tunes from
    official Rollergirls spin-meister DJ J.J. Then at half-time“ The Weary Boys, will make us all glad we’re
    from Texas, y’all. It’s sure to be a beer-drinkin’, crowd-
    cheerin’, elbow-throwin’ good time. Advance tickets $10 at Playland,
    Cheapo Discs and Beerland; tickets $12 at the door. And don’t miss
    our rockin’ and rollin’ after-party at Jackalope!
    See you at the Derby!

  16. Cheap Trixie on 24 April 2004

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