March 25, 2004 in Uncategorized

First off people, don’t let me forget to read smababy every day. I miss one day and all hell breaks loose.

Now to the main event: It’s Thursday! That’s right kiddies, T.G.I.T. cause we got college basketball tonight. 16 games over the next four days. I’m in 4th place out of 31 going into the Sweet 16. More than the craziness of having 48 games in four days, I love that March Madness is a universal language. We went to Big Red Sun and Opal Divine’s last night where I ran into Ian and John, both of whom I hadn’t seen in some time, but we were able to say words like Xavier and acronyms like UAB and immediately be on the same page. To the uninformed? “What sport are you guys even talking about?” Yeah. I need more guy friends.

Wish me luck tonight kids. I’ll be at the Fox & Hound getting my drink on. Go Xavier!

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  1. i’m actually more surprised these days when all hell ISN’T breaking loose. it’s weird. I’m ok.
    I will admit, I have no idea what sport you were discussing.

  2. jen on 25 March 2004
  3. good to hear you’re hanging in there girl. and don’t worry–i won’t dock you any points for not knowing…

  4. Mark on 25 March 2004
  5. keeping score, are we? must google strange boy language terminology to asses more points. :)
    i need a nap.

  6. jen on 25 March 2004
  7. It’s not that hard. Just gotta find a quality sports-lovin’ male.
    Back when Mollie and I were roommates (and she acknowledged my existence), I planted her with a few tidbits about what was going on in the sports world. Later she was at a bar with some of her female friends, and after recognizing a sports figure on TV (I think it was Yao Ming), relayed some of those tidbits about Yao to her friends.
    Guys that overheard the conversation were knocking over tables to get to her… :)

  8. Mark on 25 March 2004
  9. Hey I KNEW what sport you were talking about. I just don’t give a rat’s patootie. *grumble grumble stupid boys grumble*

  10. Bre on 25 March 2004
  11. True, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in a sports bar nonetheless… *grumble grumble*

  12. Mark on 25 March 2004
  13. I’ve been to Fox & Hound. I hate Fox & Hound. But I will watch the music videos there if I have to – jaw slack, eyes bulging, not paying attention to conversation…same as watching sports, really.

  14. Bre on 25 March 2004

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