April 20, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey Eight Track, I had a blast at Rollergirls last month. Honestly, I was excited about going pretty much just for the story factor, but quickly found myself drawn in on sheer entertainment value. The real surprise though, was that I found myself remembering the rules after the first few jams. Does anyone remember that Roller Derby show that used to be on TV? Maybe around ’90 or so? The track was a figure eight with a big ramp on one side? Anyone? These memories of watching that show (can’t remember the name of it) at my 7th-grade friend John Garrett’s house flooded back, with these crazy neon uniforms, and accoustic sets at halftime by the likes of Warrant and Poison. Hm, I wonder what ever happened to John Garrett. Anways, all in all I was really impressed by the whole Rollergirls experience. Any sports fan would love it.

Austinites, the next brawl is this weekend. Get your tickets

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