Being of Sound Mind and Body

April 21, 2004 in Uncategorized

Let’s say I died. Seriously.

I have pretty distinct groups of friends. Many of the groups don’t really know each other. If I died, how would people find out? Would people know who to call? To make sure everyone important to me, and everyone who I’m important to, knew?

Seriously people, if you died, would everyone you would want to know, know?

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  1. is this how all doomed internet start-ups begin nowadays?

  2. eric on 21 April 2004
  3. No, Seriously.

  4. Mark on 21 April 2004
  5. mark, you’re a genius.

  6. em on 21 April 2004
  7. bre, your cat would probably eat you if you died in your apartment, so there’s that worry out of the way. and mark, i think that once prom got closer and we realized we didn’t know where the boat was docking, everyone would finally realize you were dead. and be sad.

  8. leela on 21 April 2004
  9. Should I get or

  10. Mark on 21 April 2004
  11. Stop making webpages! Unless it has to do with THE HUNT.

  12. Bre on 21 April 2004
  13. I thought you said deadster was taken. I definitely vote for deadster as it sounds more like friendster. Plus, as a founding partner of deadster/deathster I am shoked that I had to read about this crucial decision on your blog. :P

  14. ali on 21 April 2004
  15. i can see it now:
    “you have 8 1st degree dead friends, 476 2nd degree dead friends, and 24,538 3rd degree dead friends in your Personal Network.
    Alerts: you have 1 new dead friend! [confirm]”

  16. eric on 21 April 2004
  17. I take responsibility for instilling this morbid thought into Mark’s head. Sorry.
    We have come up with a solution, but I’ll let Mark blog about that.

  18. Ali on 21 April 2004
  19. I’ve actually thought about this before. How would people who live in other states find out? Would people go pawing through my stuff to find phone numbers, only to discover my stash of sex toys and hard core porn? Would that discovery affect my eulogy (or eugooglie) in any way? Plus, I live alone and don’t call people everyday, so if I died in my apartment, how long would it take for someone to find my body? And who would take care of my cat?
    Good thing I’m immortal, and these aren’t ACTUAL worries for me.

  20. Bre on 21 April 2004
  21. I don’t think everyone I’d like to know would know if I died. In my lifetime, tho, I have written out two wills already. One, when I was a suicidal 13 year old and the second, in this blog, when I was deathly ill.
    But both, I don’t think, stand true anymore, due to the amount of change that happens in one’s lifetime. the characters seem to be consistently changing in my life, i’m so concerned about leaving right people, the right things.
    I’m sure all of you would know when I pass. I’d stop writing. Forever.
    I’m scared crap-less, though, when most of my handwritten journals are read through by those I’ve written about. dear lord. help me.

  22. jen on 22 April 2004

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